Factors to Bear in Mind When Selecting Hair Extensions

21.03.18 02:06 PM By SamScottfI99


With the type of hair some people have, they do not feel confident wearing it as it is especially those with the short length and small hair volumes as well. It is the need to add the hair volume and length that has increased the demand for hair extensions in the contemporary beauty world. Just like any other product being purchased in the business market, the client should never buy any hair extension without ascertaining the suitability to their needs and any other factors that affect the type of extension selected. It is for this reason that a guide is provided to help the client in selecting the best and most appropriate hair extension.


Select 100% Remy Human Hair

The human extensions come in two types which are the Remy, synthetic and the non-Remy brands. The clients in need of the hair extensions are always advised to choose the extensions made up of the complete Remy material since they are of the best quality available in the market. The Remy type of hair extensions is also popular and widespread since they give the most natural outlook and determine how long the extensions last as well. The non-Remy and the synthetic are on the lowest demand in the contemporary market since they often tangle and shed which affect the outcome of the product in the long run. To ensure that the client selects the best and most genuine and legit Remy hair extensions, the buyer should always get reviews from the previous customers since some companies always make a combination of the Remy and non-Remy only to cut on the production costs and later on lie to the users that the product is fully Remy. Read more info!


Hair texture

The hair texture varies from one individual to another since every person has their unique hair texture which blends well with a different hair extension type. The Super Hair Factory hair extensions on the other side also have their diverse origins the most popular being the Indian, Chinese and the European. While the Chinese extensions are the ideal choice for the medium density hair, the Russian which is similar to the European work best with the finer denier hair. It is essential that a client makes the best selection to achieve a natural look as much as possible.


The color match

It is vital that one chooses the hair extension of the best and most perfect color match. You may further read about hair extensions, go to http://www.dictionary.com/browse/hair-stylist